Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Typical Swiss Cuisine

Menu written entirely in German  ??

Alpen Noodles with Apple Sauce; noodles mixed with cheeses, potatoes, and onions.
Raclette; cheese is heated and melted, then scraped over potatoes, pickles, onions, tomatoes, etc

How to make mozzerella cheese..stir for 1+ hour
Desserts: Lots of colorful sorbets, creamy ice creams, fabulous pastries, and unsweetened whipped topping. 
Process of making the wafers that are always served with hot chocolate, coffee, and on top of sorbets/ice cream.
Meat Fondue & pommes frittes (french fries)
Macaroni and Cheese in Gruyeres
Cheese Fondue. YUM.
Rosti (similar to hashbrowns) & Bratwurst
These water taps are everywhere. On every street corner and in the middle of hiking up a mountain. It runs pure spring water. Great for filling up water bottles!